Cliffside Beach Village Sunrise DKP030

$ 15.00

This 4.5" x 2" triangular rock has a cliffside village of four houses painted onto a rocky flowered cliffside that leads down to the glittery blue ocean. The sun is rising (or setting, whichever you choose) and is peeking halfway over the horizon. Each of the homes is detailed with different colored roofs and has windows, a  door and a chimney. The three dimensional clouds above shimmer with tiny glass beads and gold glitter. The red, pink and green flowered shrubs scatter along the rocky cliffside below forming realistic shapes and dimensions. Blue whisps of paint meet the beach's shoreline making this village scene a quaint one.

Rock is flat and measures no more than 1" thick and is backed with another rock secured to it, to form a foot propping the painting forward. Artist Dick Kiley has signed and dated backside of rock. Makes great shelf art, paperweight or gift.

Item DKP030