Decorated Jar with Turquoise shell and ceramic notepad charm QJA001

$ 15.00

This covered jar is decorated like purple stained glass and is great for ambiance lighting.  Both sides of this reused 7" Yankee Candle jar are decorated and equally eye appealing. One side has a pale pink heart and the other a ceramic notepad charm (with two sheets of paper). The turquoise painted seashell was found on Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts early spring of 2014 and is securely glued to the top.  The bottom has four round glass gems glued to serve as feet for the jar to rest on and each is felted with pads.


This jar is not safe for food and is for decorative purposes only.  Suggestion: for more lighting, add your own battery operated set of string lights.  Looks great in the daytime with natural light coming through the painted glass.


Item QJA001