Easter Cards Set of 5 (3 Pink, 2 Blue) JAC011

$ 12.00

This happy Easter set of 5 cards comes with three pink and two blue cards.  Each has a 2 inch scalloped window cut with an adorable hand drawn bunny face inside. Below each of their ears is a purple ribbon tied in a bow. And their noses have been cut in a pink upside down heart shape to add to the cuteness.  Inside each of the cards is the opposite color of the front. (If the front of the card is blue, the inside is pink and vice versa).

The message Happy Easter is stamped on the front in a yellow balloon. There is plenty of room on the inside for you to write your own message.  The set is tied in a dark pink ribbon with a white flower glued to seal the package.

The envelopes are stamped with a purple and green flower!


Item JCA011