Pop Up Graduation Cap Invitation Box with 8 inside panels Set of 10 SPECIAL ORDER MKSP001

$ 75.00

This set of 10 pop-up graduation cap invitation boxes is designed with black cap and white tassel on top and comes in customers choice of color(s). When the tasseled cap is removed, 8 interior panels fold down to display your own images.  A matching paper is selected for the interior panels' borders as shown in the sample photos.

Photos show some of the colors that are available (Black, Red, Blue & Yellow) but the final color(s) of the invitations will be selected by the buyer through a special order email communication with artist Marj Kiley. Because of the square shape of this invitation, please know that the buyer will either have to hand deliver their invitation to their guest or ship it in a box themselves, as it does not lay flat.

Makes a VERY impressive invitation for any graduation celebration.  


Item MKSP001 Set of 10 invitations