Real Chicken Egg hollowed out and dyed with wax resist technique QEG025

$ 15.00

These dyed real chicken eggs are unique works of art made by applying wax then a series of dyes from lightest to darkest colors, blowing them out and varnishing them. The history of making these eggs started in Ukraine as a beautiful folk art and has much meaning behind their colors and symbols. Not all of the egg designs are traditional but are still fun to look up and of course, beautiful to look at. The egg itself represents a symbol of new life and is celebrated worldwide. If you are looking for love, be sure to pick out one with red. Go for blue if you want good health wishes and choose yellow for wise thoughts.

This particular egg is titled "Cris-Cross" and is on sale through the "Ooops and Not So Perfect" category due to its imperfections and is sold " as-is". The imperfections are as follows: Uneven lines and inconsistent dye coloring. In most cases the imperfection can be hidden by facing it towards a non-viewing side of the room (like towards the wall) or it may not even be noticed while on display from a reasonable distance.

Included in the purchase of this egg, is a FREE black painted and varnished wooden egg stand (pictured) and homemade paper gift box that your egg will come securely packaged in. A downloadable instruction booklet with color and symbol meanings that I have collected over the years is available in the blog section at and includes how to care for your egg. A sample page is included in some of the egg photos.

All eggs from Tamm's Marketplace will be carefully packaged and properly insured and tracked through Priority Shipping at U.S.P.S. Alternative shipping arrangements can be made at the buyers expense if requested.

Return policy on eggs: All sales are final. No returns allowed unless your egg(s) arrive broken or not as photographed. Each will be properly insured through the U.S.P.S. for reimbursement purposes and communication between Tamm's Marketplace and buyer will be discussed and resolved through email or telephone. For reimbursement, the damaged egg must be returned with stand and gift box. If you wish to replace the damaged egg through the Special Order Program please allow up to two weeks for all special orders.

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