Red Glass Jar with Jeweled Flower Pendant and Bling! QJA011

$ 12.00

This red glass jar has a circular jeweled flower pendant and a lot of Bling!  The pendant measures 1.5" high and 1.5" wide and hangs from its wire handle that has a few types of silver beads paired together.  A four row studded belt wraps around the bottom of the jar and matches the jars' sparkly glitter paint. The bottom has four round felted pads.

Jar measures 4 1/4" high, (8" if handle is sticking straight up) and 4" wide.  Mouth opening is approximately 3". This jar is not safe for food and is for decorative purposes only.  Suggestion: for more lighting, add your own battery operated set of string lights.  Looks great in the daytime with natural light coming through the painted glass.


Item QJA011