Two Thank You Cards per phone request special order reserved for Myra Bryant MKC045SP

$ 19.80

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Two black and white "Thank You" cards handmade by artist Marj Kiley per Myra's telephone request on 1/1/17. One is landscape style and the other is portrait style and are designed after card MKC045. Per Myra's request, both have seven rhinestones, three of which are on the inside of the portrait style card on the flowers under the ribbon and one card was stamped with another flower in the empty spot on front of card.

These cards were ordered for "hand's on viewing" by customer so she can see the cards in person before placing a larger order of approximately 100-125. If that order is placed, the price of these cards will be reduced to the agreed price per that special order and a credit applied. 

Both cards are currently reduced to $6.50 each (from original $7 on website) and are being shipped Priority Mail per Myra's request. Cost for this service through USPS is $6.80, which is added onto this order.  

Price reflects two handmade greeting cards and Priority Express service. Call with any questions.

Item MKC045SP Reserved for Myra Bryant. Image of two cards are before customers slight changes and were emailed prior with other photos. The image of one card has the extra flower stamped.