Watercolor pencil "Teachers Touch Tomorrow" 8x10 drawing QTT001

$ 15.00

This great watercolor pencil drawing is already framed to hang in your home. Teachers Touch Tomorrow has so many great teacher related drawings embedded into one. You'll read phrases like: "Don't eat the crayons", "30 days hath September, April, June + November. All the rest have 31 - except the 2nd month alone to which 28 assign till leap year brings it 29" and "Teachers Have Class". School buses, jump-roping, graduation cap, school house, brown lunch bag, reading, writing & arithmetic ...so many more to adore when looking at this lovely way of showing respect to our teachers.

I have made many of these types of drawings with my watercolor pencil set that my mom gave me when I was a teenager (many years ago), Sure a couple of new colors were added and some replaced as they wore down to the end over the years but this art medium is one of my favorites. The drawings themselves can take hours to make and I typically start with my black pen and draw the picture as an outline. The watercolor pencils then come into the picture and can be several shades of each color to get some dimension added. Even the smallest of my watercolor pencil drawings, found on magnets or miniature frames have so much detail, they too take me time to finish. It's a fun process and I have created an assortment to select from.

Don't forget, you can always gift wrap your selections for an additional charge.